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Photo by Broadmead resident Erroll Hay

Reflections from Broadmead’s Summer Intern

Broadmead's Summer Intern

Throughout the summer, Sheila Nalwoga, a rising senior at Penn State, assisted Broadmead’s Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with building content for a diversity brochure, reaching out to diverse professional organizations, and updating our current outreach plan to better communicate Broadmead’s resources and offerings to communities of color.

Here are some things that Sheila shared about her first impressions of Broadmead and her experiences connecting with staff and residents:

"As we drove in, I was amazed by the nature I got to see…even though construction was going on at that time, I still saw Broadmead’s beauty shine we walked into the buildings and said hi to people, I got a feeling that I belonged at Broadmead. Everyone seemed so nice and ready to help where needed…Getting to meet the executive board was life changing. I was so encouraged by this team of powerful women...Same story goes for the residents. I smile thinking about my conversations with them. They were the reason I was there. Speaking to some individually, and hearing their stories weirdly gave me the feeling that everything will be alright. They had a lot of stories to tell about their journeys and reasons they wanted diversity at Broadmead and I was honored to just be there and listen to the wisdom that they had to share. At Broadmead, I learned the importance of having a supportive work environment. Everyone was equal no matter what position they held. I learned that healthcare has no boundaries, there are so many ways to serve. I saw that on all floors. That diversity has no boundaries, it goes beyond what we see, it includes the places that we support and those that we allow to support us…I’m happy to say that my future career path has definitely been inspired by the community. I hope I can continue to be a part of Broadmead in one way or another."

We look forward to having additional interns join our Broadmead community in the future, providing an opportunity for them to learn about the many professional experiences at Broadmead, and about the workings of our community overall.

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