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Photo by Broadmead resident Erroll Hay

Resident Advisory Committee Bringing New Art to Broadmead

By Ross Jones

Residents, staff, and all who enjoy seeing and learning about the visual arts are in for a treat. A long-imagined program to revitalize art collections and exhibitions at Broadmead began to take shape months ago when a small committee of residents, now called the Art Advisory Committee, realized that nearly all of the art then hanging in the Broadmead Center would be removed and stored during the Master Plan’s extensive period of construction and renovation. The Art Advisory Committee saw it as the perfect time to assess each piece of art on the Center’s walls.

There were more than 200 of them. Most were old and showed the wear and tear of time. Each piece was reviewed and photographed. Some were retained for future exhibitions, some were consigned to the Barn Sale, and a few were sent to auction, with the proceeds directed to the BRA.

Now, looking ahead, the committee wants to build on the legacy established at Broadmead more than forty years ago, when even the first residents of the community were known for their appreciation of art, for making art, and for displaying it. It has been a key part of Broadmead’s culture ever since.

The committee is moving on three fronts. First, a "Broadmead Collection" is being created; some of the existing pictures will be retained, with the addition of new acquisitions and long-term loans. These materials will be displayed from time to time.

Second, in November, a show titled "Broadmead Collects" will open with pictures from the personal collections of residents. Commitments to loan pictures for the exhibition are being made. It is clear that a remarkable variety of art, reflecting residents’ eclectic tastes, will be on display. The venue for this show, and for subsequent ones, will be the Broadmead Center’s main reception floor, using wall space extending roughly from the lounge area next to the mailboxes to the entrances to the dining area and auditorium. New track lighting and devices for hanging artwork will be installed in the fall.

Finally, an exciting and eagerly awaited exhibition is scheduled to be installed in the reception hall toward the end of March 2022. It will feature the work of Herman Maril (1908- 1986), a highly acclaimed American artist who was a native of Baltimore. His work, reflecting his interpretations of landscapes and life in many parts of the country, can be seen in the permanent collections of numerous art museums and private collections. The Maril show will be in place for about six months. During that time, several lectures will be presented by speakers familiar with Maril and his work.

Several Broadmead residents have served as docents in art museums and have indicated a willingness to be guides and to provide points of information about the exhibitions for residents, staff, and visitors. It is important to note that regular exhibitions featuring a variety of Broadmead and local artists will continue in the East Hall, as in the past, under Carolyn Murphy’s creative leadership.

It is hoped that these exhibitions, and others to follow, will distinguish Broadmead as a community that recognizes the indispensable value of art in our personal lives and in the larger society. It is anticipated that people in the Baltimore metropolitan area who may not be familiar with Broadmead will be attracted to the campus to see and learn about the art on display.

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