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Photo by Broadmead resident Erroll Hay

Introducing Broadmead's New Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Jennifer Jimenez Maraña, MEd, PhD

Broadmead is pleased to introduce Jennifer Jimenez Maraña, MEd, PhD, our new Director of Diversity and Inclusion! In this position – which is new to Broadmead – Jennifer will develop and implement new programs and strategies designed to build a more inclusive community and expand programs to a broader, culturally diverse population of older adults.

"My role is to lead a cultural transformation as Broadmead's community shifts into the future of serving a growing, diverse population of residents," says Maraña, who holds a strong background in diversity-related advocacy leadership roles, including 15 years in higher education, and most recently in healthcare at Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

With the addition of Dr. Maraña, Broadmead is positioned even better to build upon its existing Quaker-inspired values – values which speak to the capacity for love, concern for one another, and personal integrity – which Maraña notes are already clearly evident among Broadmead's residents, staff, and trustees.

"Everyone I have conversed with at Broadmead portrays a sense of kindness; a sense of purpose," says Maraña. "The community truly holds a sincere commitment to the vision of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance – values that I hold in all aspects of life."

In addition to Maraña's extensive professional experience developing and managing initiatives to promote inclusive environments, the mother of three advocates on a personal level as well.

"My oldest child has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, so I understand all too well the ongoing need for empathy and inclusivity," says Maraña. "Diversity is more than race – it also includes ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, and more – so many different facets of our population. I look forward to working together with everyone here to further promote the growth of our warm and welcoming community."

Outside of her career, Jennifer enjoys boxing, baking desserts, and outings with her spouse and children.

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