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Photo by Broadmead resident Erroll Hay

Broadmead’s non-resident community members

By Alice Cherbonnier

The Broadmead Center of Excellence (COE) Health and Wellness promotes holistic wellness for Broadmead residents, and also for about 50 non-resident community members. Non-resident members pay an annual fee of $500 per person for access to services available in the Health and Wellness Center and other campus amenities, including use of cardio/fitness facilities, group exercise classes, aquatic programs, salon and spa services, and arts and ceramics courses.

“We’re not the same as a gym for our non-resident members,” says Andy Switzer, director of COE Health and Wellness. “We provide holistic wellness services that include social, intellectual, and physical activities, plus other opportunities that promote all facets of health and wellness.”

Non-resident members, whose name badges identify them as members of Health & Wellness, may also be served meals at guest rates in Broadmead’s dining venues, and they are permitted to bring guests. They may also take part in educational and cultural programs offered on campus, including the Free Fridays Happy Hour in the Bistro. Non-resident members can learn about campus happenings through a public version of Caremerge. They also receive copies of The Voice of the Residents.

Andy says that non-resident membership at Broadmead has been available for about 15 years under a variety of names, including “Associates.” These members augment revenues for the COE Health and Wellness department. “The program allows us to offer benefits to our residents that we might not otherwise be able to do,” says Andy. Non-resident members help fill classes that might otherwise be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, make it possible for salon and spa staff to work full schedules, and may fill other roles in campus activities. Two non-resident members, Andy notes, currently sing in the Broadmead Chorus.

“Broadmead residents get first priority for enrollment in classes,” said Andy. “We offer spaces to non-resident members only when available.” For spa and salon services, however, scheduling is first-come, first-served. Broadmead receives a share of fees paid for these services provided to non-resident members. “Our goal is never to get crowded,” Andy stresses. “If it looks like too many are participating in an activity, we’ll form a wait list.” So far, that hasn’t been necessary.

For more information about the non-resident program, or to refer someone, call 443-578-8060.

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