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Photo by Broadmead resident Erroll Hay

Newcomers Join BRA Board of Directors

By Kathleen Truelove

Several residents who arrived at Broadmead within the past year have been elected to positions on the BRA Board of Directors. This is surely an indication of how well recent arrivals are not just moving to a new residence, but joining the community.

Marsha Howes will become the second vice president. The York resident said that moving did not feel like a huge transition, since she and Bill Hakkarinen, her husband, had lived in the area for 30 years. Marsha has enjoyed walking all over the campus, taking photographs along the way, which she has shared on the resident listserv. She joined the BRA Board, she said, because she wanted to be involved in the community.

Bill Hardy, who will serve as associate treasurer, has been treasurer of other organizations, though he says he is not by profession “a money guy.” He sees the Board as a way to learn what’s going on at Broadmead and a way to meet people.

Leslie Glickman, who will become associate secretary, working with Karen Meadow, has experience in writing and editing. She is joining the Board to learn more about the BRA, to participate actively in the Broadmead community, and to share her skills. She moved to Cluster G on a cold December day, feeling overwhelmed for many reasons, but despite the pandemic’s restrictions, cluster neighbors reached out to bring greetings and treats to welcome her.

Michael Yaggy, another new G cluster resident, was succinct when asked why he agreed to take on the job of activities coordinator. His wife, Nora, he said, wanted him out of the house and involved in an activity. Elaborating a bit, he added that serving on the Board will expose him to much about Broadmead, and he can share in discussions about how to take advantage of Broadmead’s opportunities and deal with its challenges.

Jen Hobbins is new to Broadmead as a resident, but this will be her third involvement with the Broadmead Board of Trustees, having previously served as a member. She will become a BRA representative to the Board of Trustees, serving alongside Ann Heaton.

Linda Koch, the new cluster coordinator, is not a newcomer to Broadmead. She has been cluster representative for Cluster A and has enjoyed keeping residents connected with each other during the pandemic. She hopes that as cluster coordinator she can foster interaction among the clusters in the way she did with her Cluster A neighbors.

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