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Photo by Broadmead resident Erroll Hay

New acquisitions to the Broadmead Collection

By Jackie Mintz

Among notable paintings the Broadmead Arts Council has acquired is a large watercolor by Christine Neill, a Baltimore painter and professor of painting at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). The piece, a delicate, nuanced sprawl of petal-like shapes (pictured above), incorporates one of Neill’s signature features: delicate lines traced in archival ink on the inside surface of the glass itself, which adds to the layered quality of the painting and increases its depth.

“Morphology, Canna/Case,” is part of a series titled Morphology, which is the biological study of the forms and structural relationships of living organisms. The painting currently is hanging on the wall outside the office of Vice President of Advancement and Communication, Eleanor Landauer, between the mailboxes and the Board Room.

Another new acquisition is an oil on panel by Palden Hamilton. It depicts a vibrant tumble of glowing pink and purple textiles. Hamilton is a classically trained painter whose usual subjects are figures, portraits, and landscapes. This work, “Gathering,” is one in a recent series of paintings of draped fabrics that Hamilton has created using traditional techniques to portray nontraditional scenes.

The painting can be found on the brick wall at the entrance to the auditorium. Both the Hamilton and the Neill paintings were acquired with funds donated by individual contributors.

The Broadmead Arts Council identifies and establishes contact with Maryland artists, both established and emerging, to further expand the Broadmead Arts Collection. All recent acquisitions have been funded by individual donations of artwork or tax deductible contributions, or acquired on loan.

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