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Photo by Broadmead resident Erroll Hay

Holly House Rehab Planning is Under Way After Funding Boost

By Pat van den Beemt

It is only fitting that proceeds from the sale of four historic houses on York Road that Broadmead sold in November will go toward restoring a centuries-old house right here on campus.

Broadmead’s Holly House has a diverse past and, if all goes according to plan, it will have a bright future. Built in the mid- to late-1700s, the house has sat vacant since Covid and the Master Plan converged in 2020. Since there were no more meetings in person, its interior was used to store kitchen and dining room equipment as well as office furniture.

Plans are now underway to renovate and rejuvenate the three-story brick house, which has problems—a leaky foundation and roof as well as mold issues, among others. Broadmead will be meeting with a contractor who specializes in renovating historic homes. Once the contractor submits a proposal and it is approved, work will be scheduled.

Holly House was home to Broadmead’s first director and once had offices for staff members. A number of early residents stayed there until their garden homes were completed. The first floor was used for meetings and dinner parties, and there was even a wedding there in 1981.

According to a Broadmead history written in 2002, Johns Hopkins University president Milton Eisenhower visited Holly House in 1980 and was particularly impressed with the Oriental rugs. The rugs and much of the furniture in the house were donated by Harry Dundore, the previous owner.

For now, the furnishings are in a climate-controlled storage facility, said Joyce Malone, Broadmead’s VP of Facility Services. They will be assessed for restoration and cleaning once the project reaches the interior design phase.

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