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Broadmead appoints first Vice President for Sustainability

Feature by Jackie Mintz

The position of Vice President for Sustainability was created by the Board of Trustees to enable Broadmead to further implement its sustainability initiatives. Having adopted a sustainability policy in 2015 and commissioned an assessment report by an outside consultant in 2016, the Board concluded in early 2022 that the programs and goals set forth in that report were not being advanced at a satisfactory pace and that to move the programs forward, there needed to be one person focusing exclusively on environmental issues, a person “who would wake up every day with those goals uppermost on his/her mind.” Furthermore, the position needed to be at the level of a vice president to enable that person to have direct access to the Board and also to interact with all departments at Broadmead.

The newly appointed Vice President for Sustainability, Gina Mathias, brings to the job a wealth of relevant experience. She comes to Broadmead from the City of Takoma Park, where she served as its sustainability manager. During her eight years there, she led the development and implementation of sustainability and climate resiliency plans. While she was on staff, the city adopted a goal of net zero emissions by 2035.

Programs that Gina was instrumental in developing included actions such as banning food service facilities from using polystyrene-composed packaging or food service ware when providing prepared food for onsite or takeaway consumption and banning pesticides for cosmetic lawn care. She also led the city’s campaign for energy efficiency, reducing energy use through weatherization and energy-efficient appliances, and replacing fossil fuel-based systems with highly efficient electricity-based systems.

Gina’s first goal at Broadmead is to review the objectives and programs set out in the 2016 sustainability report to determine what is still relevant and what should be replaced.

Gina was attracted by Broadmead’s vision and goals, and she was impressed by the steps it is taking to achieve its goals. Gina has a BS from Ohio State University, with a major in environmental education and communication, and an MBA in sustainable business. Her professional experience includes serving as president of the Board of Directors of Eco Women and chair of the Advisory Committee on Built Environment and Energy of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. Gina lives in Silver Spring with her husband and two children.

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