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Photo by Broadmead resident Erroll Hay

Broadmead’s Board of Trustees appoints new Clerk

By Jackie Mintz

Appointed Clerk of the Broadmead Board of Trustees at their Annual Meeting in October, Kerensa “Kerry” Zimmerman is one of the youngest to serve in this leadership capacity.

As a practicing Quaker, Kerry understands that the position of Clerk involves listening, guiding and discerning the sense of a meeting. She also believes that Broadmead became what it is through careful Quaker stewardship, and she looks forward to being a part of continuing that tradition.

Kerry knows that the position of Board Clerk will require a substantial input of time and energy, but feels comfortable about taking on the role because of the support she will receive from what she calls Broadmead’s “world class executive leadership team” as well as from committed trustees. Looking to the future, she expects that challenges will arise, but views them as opportunities for improvement.

Kerry plans to attend as many committee and workgroup meetings as possible. She especially looks forward to involvement in two areas that are dear to her heart: the development of Broadmead’s sustainability program and the plans for the renovation of Holly House. A long-time history buff, Kerry views Holly House as an integral piece of the history of Broadmead, and expects it can once again be brought back to life as part of the campus.

Kerry’s interest in elder care and retirement communities was sparked decades ago when her grandfather moved to Bethany Village, a Methodist retirement community, in Mechanicsburg, PA.

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Kerry did graduate work in accounting, school administration and teaching, and taught English and history at Bowie High School. She is currently employed by Hill Bookkeeping and Consulting, working from home.

As the granddaughter of a Methodist minister, Kerry was raised along those principles but found herself drawn to Quakerism. She and her wife, Meredith van den Beemt, are both members of Gunpowder Friends Meeting. The two married in 2012 and have three children, all in college: Ted, Meg, and Cate.

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