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Photo by Broadmead resident Erroll Hay

BRA contributes to Broadmead art and tree inventory

By Jack Griffith

On April 25, the Broadmead Residents' Association presented two checks to Robin Somers, Broadmead CEO. The first, in the amount of $5,000, was a gift from the residents to the Broadmead Arts Council. Recently formed, the council will acquire art for a permanent "Broadmead Collection" of art to display to residents, staff, and the public. The council will also present curated art exhibits, such as the recent "Broadmead Collects" show and the current display by Herman Maril, Baltimore native and American modernist (1908–1986). Arts Council members include residents and representatives of the administration. Jackie Mintz and Ross Jones are the co-chairs. The check was presented by BRA First Vice President Kathryn Shelton.

The second check was for $10,000 and represents the first distribution of funds which have been identified as available for use by the BRA representing the residents. These available funds were identified by two BRA ad hoc committees: the first specifying the amount of money that is available over a period of time, and the second committee to seek out appropriate uses of the funds. That check was presented by Second Vice President Marsha Howes and resident Stan Wilson for the purpose of conducting an inventory and assessment of the Broadmead trees approximately within the bounds of Copper Beech Lane to identify issues that need to be addressed (pruning, removal, disease, nutrition, etc.). That joint Broadmead and BRA effort will be the culmination of a study conducted by Stan Wilson, which made a strong case for better care of the trees that are so valuable to our campus.

These two events epitomize the synergistic spirit of the Broadmead Administration as led by Robin Somers, Broadmead residents, and the BRA. Quoting from a recent letter I received from Robin, "I am grateful for the collaborative and supportive relationship with you and the BRA. We share the same values and vision for this wonderful community of residents and employees, who give so much of their time and talents."

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