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Photo by Broadmead resident Erroll Hay

Broadmead Arts Council plans acquisitions

By Ross Jones

With two large art exhibitions under its belt and another lined up for January 2023, the Broadmead Arts Council has turned its attention to the acquisition of art for the Broadmead Collection, a permanent art collection for the community. Ultimately, the art will be displayed in various locations in the Community Center and the Hillside Homes.

A first step took place over the summer when 12 pieces of art, in storage during the Center renovation, were removed from storage, cleaned, and hung at several locations in the building. Additionally, in June, the Herman Maril Foundation donated three Maril pieces to Broadmead, and these, too, are on display in the Center. There have also been two gifts of paintings from residents, one for the Collection and another on long-term loan. Several other gifts are pending.

An Acquisitions and Exhibitions Committee of the council has been formed and is chaired by resident Harriet Goldman. The committee’s charge is to make recommendations to the council for purchasing art and accepting donated art for the Broadmead Collection. Other members of the committee are Bill Breakey, Winfield Cain, Alice Cherbonnier, Joyce Feldstein, Herb Goldman, Dayle Jones, Ross Jones, Jackie Mintz, Anne Perkins, Elenor Reid, Kathryn Shelton, Janice Starr, and Lucy Wright.

To begin the process of acquiring new art, four teams of committee members undertook in-depth research on 30 artists and their work. The teams’ recommendations for purchases are being evaluated. Several residents have given a total of $15,000 for such acquisitions. In addition, the BRA has contributed $5,000.

All purchased or donated art becomes the property of Broadmead, Inc. During the initial acquisitions process, the council is assisting the administration by devising purchase and contribution agreements, as well as a process to inventory the collection. Also in the planning is a process to archive records of the exhibitions.

Currently, the Arts Council is discussing the creation of gallery lectures, education programs, and a communications committee embracing public relations, community outreach, and fundraising.

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