Welcome New Resident Stan Wilson

Stan Wilson, the newest addition to B cluster, comes to Broadmead after a long career in oceanography. After an early start as a marine biologist, including a year in Antarctica, Stan moved into physical oceanography.

Armed with a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University, he embarked on a four-decade-long career managing oceanographic research, first at the Office of Naval Research, then NASA, and finally the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). He retired as Chief Scientist of NOAA's Satellite Service.

Of his many accomplishments, Stan's favoriteis his role in initiating NASA's Oceanography from Space Program, which observes weather and climate patterns in the oceans. One of the results of this program was determining that global sea level, on average, is rising at a little more than one inch every decade.

He also helped organize the international Argo program, a consortium of 20 nations that is deploying almost 4,000 robotic floats to observe the increase in temperature of the oceans. The seresults, coupled with satellite observations of the melting ice sheets, have demonstrated that one-third of the rise in global sea level is due to thermal expansion of the warming oceans, while two-thirds is due to the addition of melt water from the ice sheets.

Stan moved to Broadmead from Baltimore's Homeland neighborhood,where he and his wife, Anne, shared a large five-bedroom house for 39 years. Anne passed away shortly before their anticipated move to Broadmead. Stan has a daughter, Lauren, in California. Stan's interests include bicycling, travel, and genealogy.

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