Welcome New Resident Nancy Karloff

By Kathryn Amey Shelton

On June 17, Nancy Karloff danced her way right into Broadmead from her home in Perry Hall. She was well led by resident Harry Butcher, who had evidently taken steps on the dance floor at Bykota to report the advantages of life here at Broadmead, and she followed.

Nancy is no stranger to change. When Western Electric relocated its manufacturing services to Omaha, NE, in 1984, Nancy easily made a new life in the heartland of America. She loved her work on special projects, which at one point even included connecting cable for the White House.

Life has its ironies. After her return to Baltimore upon retirement, she learned that her grandson Damian and his wife were expecting her first great-grandchild back in Omaha. Nancy settled in Mays Chapel for two years to be near her sister and found a church home at the Rosedale Baptist Church. But only after three years in Perry Hall to be near the church did she decide to live at Broadmead.

Nancy married early in life and had a son, Robert. This first marriage ended in divorce. She later married Richard, with whom she enjoyed 28 years before his death due to ALS. Her life is enriched by two great-grandchildren, Bible study, church music, and, of course, the rhythm of dance music.

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