Welcome New Resident George French (Bud) Nixon

The Port of Baltimore is an integral part of Bud Nixon's life. Since 1921 his family has owned the Rukert Terminal, which is now on 130 acres of waterfront in the Baltimore Harbor. It receives, warehouses, and ships primary goods such as fertilizer, salt for icy roads, and large shipments of a variety of goods. The company employs 200 workers. Bud has been President of the company and retired in 2004. His son, Andy George Nixon, is now Vice President.

Bud has agreed to speak at Broadmead on subjects related to the harbor such as dredging the Bay for bigger ships or the work of Bay pilots. Bud grew up in Stoneleigh, attended Towson High School, and graduated from the University of Baltimore. He served in the United States Air Force. He is married to Pam Swiss Nixon. Besides their son, they have four grandchildren. The family lived in Lutherville for over 35 years.Among his many interests, Bud has owned and rehabbed two houses, numbers 200 and 214, on Morris Avenue in Historic Lutherville. He is an avid student of history, both of his family and of the Civil War. He constructs and collects miniature cars and airplanes. Bud has collections of books, baseball caps, and so many other items that storage is a problem.

-- By Mary Ellen Saterlie

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