We are All in this Together

By Gwen Marable

When Broadmead CEO Robin Somers announced, "We can make Broadmead the world that we all want to live in," Jennifer MaraƱa, Director of Diversity and Inclusion noted that Broadmead already had groups of residents who were awakened to racial injustice.

The long-standing Multicultural and Open Forum committees have increased residents' understanding of minorities through their programs, which are now conducted on Zoom. Cluster K has initiated a book club, which read "Waking Up White" and "White Fragility" and now includes residents of other clusters. The Writers Group and the Poetry Reading Group have integrated Black and Native American writers into their work and discussions.

In addition, Jennifer formed a Racial Justice Advisory Group. One of its initiatives is a weekly invitation to residents to meet outdoors or on Zoom for a moment of silence on Fridays at 1 p.m. This is followed by conversations often suggested by a prompt. Jennifer is also working with Broadmead staff. Broadmead's non-management staff is 75 percent people of color: African American, Asian American, and Latinx.

Resident Beth Wells led a three-part resident conversation series titled "Talking About Race and Ways White People Can Help," which she is offering again.

A sign at Broadmead's entrance says, "Together We Can." Broadmead can become a welcoming community for all people.

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