Trustees announce addition of new members, Anita Langford and Stephanie Scharpf


At its 39th Annual Meeting in October, the Board of Trustees introduced its slate of officers and new trustees, each of them with significant experience in different aspects of healthcare and healthcare organizations.

Anita Langford has held numerous senior positions at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, including Director of Geriatric Nursing and Vice President of Care Management Services. She was centrally involved in the transition of Baltimore City Hospitals into the Hopkins Health System and in the planning and construction of Johns Hopkins Geriatric Medicine's long-term care facility. Anita also spearheaded the creation of Hopkins ElderPlus, an innovative model for cost-effective care for frail elders. A member of Gunpowder Friends Meeting, she currently serves as clerk of Ministry and Counsel. She is also a member of the Baltimore Area Working Group on Racism.

Stephanie Scharpf is chief operating officer of Jai Medical Systems, which is a Medicaid Managed Care Organization that provides Medicaid health insurance benefits to Maryland residents. After enrolling her son at Friends School, Stephanie set out to learn more about Quakerism and found an instant connection with the overarching beliefs of Friends. She is an attender of Stony Run Friends Meeting and is an active participant in the Working Group on Racism. Stephanie has practiced some form of Chinese martial arts for almost a decade and has her black sash in Kung Fu. She teaches a weekly Tai Chi class.

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