Story Circles Facilitated By Jennifer Maraña

By a Broadmead Resident

People don't have to be professional storytellers or to have memorized a story to tell in order to enjoy Story Circles. When the Multicultural Committee decided to adopt the idea of Story Circles from Friends School of Baltimore, our Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Jennifer Maraña, volunteered to facilitate. Residents enjoyed the second series of Story Circles held on three Tuesdays in October.

They had the opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level than usual. Participants were paired up and asked to respond to two prompts based on a theme related to life experiences. Jennifer encouraged everyone to enter "brave space," giving assurance of confidentiality. She modeled a story from her own life.

Stories have power and allow people to reflect on their experiences, learn something new about themselves, and find connections between one another that may not have been discovered otherwise. Jennifer facilitated a group discussion afterward to share what was learned. Participants look forward to the next series of Story Circles.

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