Residents Mark and Jackie Stokes enjoy their unusual Himalayan cat

Pumpkin is a Himalayan cat who is light beige and appears much larger than he is in reality because of his fluffy long hair. In that way he is like other Himalayans. But unlike other Himalayans, or other cats in general for that matter, Pumpkin has bright red toenails.

These are actually nail coverings, called Soft Paws, designed to prevent or discourage scratching. Small plastic covers that slide over the claws, they need to be replaced on a monthly basis. Friendly and curious but like many, if not most, cats, Pumpkin tolerates human antics only up to a certain point. Photographs of claws were emphatically past that point.

When Pumpkin moved here almost two years ago, he had been part of the Stokes family for over seven years. He travels regularly with Jackie and Mark to their Eastern Shore condo, where he sits at the window and happily watches the gulls on the beach. Himalayan cats are a breed mixture of Persian and Siamese cats and sometimes described as "a Persian cat in Siamese drag." They are considered to be naturally well mannered, sweet, quiet, and not overly energetic.

--Story written by a Broadmead Resident

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