Residents hear of possible benefits of acupuncture

Written by Carolyn Adams

At a Broadmead Residents Association (BRA) Healthcare Lecture, Wellness Director Andy Switzer introduced Barbara Kandel, MSW, LAc, and said that Broadmead will partner with Mend Acupuncture to provide treatment to residents.

Kandel said that acupuncture does not replace, but complements, traditional medicine. Richard Nixon's 1972 trip to China spurred the first national interest in the subject.

Evolving for over 3,000 years, the practice includes several types, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element, Korean, and Japanese styles. The types differ in approaches to treatment plans, but the treatments themselves are similar.

Kandel said the underlying idea behind acupuncture is that an energy (qi), or chi, flows through our bodies through 12 main channels or meridians. Pain results if the energy flow is blocked. There are 576 points where tiny, sterile, one-time-use needles can be inserted into the muscle, or fascia, to help open the flow of the qi, thus restoring homeostasis that stimulates local nerve reflexes and the brain to cause changes in hormones and body chemicals.

Pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, adverse effects from chemotherapy, allergies, anxiety, and depression are some of the major acupuncture targets. Other benefits can be reduced pain, improved sleep and digestion, enhanced mood, and relaxation.

Following the talk, Kandel offered attendees the opportunity to try a session, which many did!

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