Residents Hear and Enjoy the Sacred Music of the African American Church

By a Broadmead Resident

Broadmead residents were stirred in late March by a dramatic concert presented by the Community Concert Choir of Baltimore. The group, founded by its director Marco Merrick in 2010, numbers 196 when fully assembled, with participants of all ages, differing cultural denominations, and from several states. In addition to Director Merrick, 32 singers, a pianist, and a cellist appeared. 

Between an opening invocation and closing benediction, residents heard three spirituals, three anthems, two hymns, and two choral renditions from the Bible. As the benediction was ending, participants mingled with the audience, shaking hands and embracing. Emotional tears were observed on faces from both groups. The evening was arranged by personal friend of Director Merrick, June Gee, Chair of Broadmead's Multicultural Committee, and Denise Love, Chair of the BRA Music Committee. The Choir's mission is to preserve the musical heritage of the African American Church, and to entertain and educate the public as to the beauty and value of that music.

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