Keeping Occupied While in Quarantine

"I am translating my father's memoirs, which he wrote in German in 1961. I had put it aside for a while. This is a good time to take it up again so that my children and grandchildren will know our family history." -- Resident Sibylle Ehrlich

"Yesterday I gave myself a deluxe pedicure after soaking my feet in a vibrating foot tub filled with hot water and Epson salts. Lovely. Today, I'm rereading The Plague by Albert Camus. I'm only on page 45 and have had to look up the definitions of six words! Great writing." -- Jan York

"I have been busy making cloth masks for Broadmead staff. There are about eleven of us making the masks, and several residents are cutting the patterns out for us. The response has been amazing." -- Resident Carole Glowacki

"I have been working on the project to make protective masks that is being led by Carole Glowacki. Cutting out patterns for masks is fun and productive. In addition, the weeds are calling to me. The dust is building up. Projects, take a number. I will get to you." -- Margaret Warden

"Lots of reading and online mahjongg. I gave up on kitting dresses for our soon-to-be-born two great-granddaughters and will make cute little hats instead. (This used to be my specialty, so I'm going back to it.)" -- Francine Nietubicz

"I am doing jigsaw puzzles, playing solitaire, catching up on reading and doing some household chores like washing the kitchen windows. When the weather is good, I do some garden work. I recently took a ride up to Brown's in Loganville, PA. Their cafe is closed, but they make good fresh sandwiches every day and sell them in their grocery/deli section. The evening is TV watching time." -- Loretta Cunninghame

"I am not doing anything exciting. Taking walks with friends, reading a lot, playing on my computer, napping, physical therapy, cleaning my apartment, and watching TV." -- Sally Weinman

"I have a new puppy, Glory, and I still work full time, so I'm as busy as ever. I've worked at home one or more days a week for many years, but doing it full time is a whole new and very challenging world. I also have video meetings with fellow Stony Run Quakers for worship. For coping and fun, I walk outdoors five miles/day, do an adapted strength-building routine at home, watch movies, meditate (especially on gratitude and calm), and read." -- Resident Beth Wells

"To show my appreciation to the staff at the front desk, I made a batch of cookies and probably will do it again. When the weather gets warmer, I want to walk the trail. Reading a good book from the lower level helps entertain me, and I am keeping my home nice and clean." -- Peggy Tapley

"I am working on a diabolically difficult puzzle from Francine and Joe Nietubicz while listening to the Berlin Philharmonic and other free concerts. Ongoing purging of closets! Where did all this stuff come from anyway? Sunday and Lenten worship by remote connections. Phone calls with friends far and wide. SOON and very soon, actual review of old slides, I keep promising myself." -- Kathy Shelton

"The Karsks have finished their taxes! We're walking Broadmead trails and the NCR Trail, preparing a lot of soup, catching up with reading materials, sanitizing countertops as well as doing housekeeping chores in general, getting a lot of sleep and probably too much TV. Playing cards some, crossword puzzles, and catching up with friends and family by phone. The most recent task is to help cut out fabric for use in face masks." -- Roger and Sharon Karsk

"I have taken up walking 6,000 to 8,000 steps a day. Priscilla Barrett took me on a walking tour yesterday of the 'upper' clusters as we kept 'social distancing'. I never thought I'd look forward to walking such distances, but I really do. Along with walking, I am enjoying classical music, touring the national parks and museums online, and picking up knitting after a 40-year hiatus." -- Nell Baumiller

"I do the usual with my outside walk/prayer time, work at the crossword puzzle and sudoku, sew lots of the face masks for our medical department (thanks to Carole Glowacki, who provides the materials), read novels, garden a little, take out the garbage and recyclables, chat with others at a distance, run to the supermarket as needed, re-develop creativity with leftover food, talk with family and friends, watch a little TV, and take really good care of Jim the husband and Robby the cat." -- Suzanne Crowder

"Getting outdoors is our inspiration now. Watching Broadmead become dressed in spring glory: the cherry trees, forsythia, and daffodils, and listening to birds chirping and the frogs' mating symphony. It reminds us that life is vibrant and renewing, year after year, season after season. It gives us hope." -- Residents Linda and Tom Koch

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