Introducing Broadmead's New Director of Dining & Hospitality, Dan Hall

Broadmead is pleased to announce our new Director of Dining and Hospitality, Dan Hall! In his new role, Mr. Hall, who previously held the position of Executive Chef, will now take charge of numerous responsibilities, from budgeting and order processing, team management, and resident communication, among many other tasks in the Dining and Hospitality department.

Having been with Broadmead for 29 years, the promotion to the position of Director was merited by Mr. Hall's years of expertise in the catering and culinary fields, his longstanding dedication, and thorough knowledge of Broadmead's dining and hospitality services as a whole.

Growing up a mere five miles from Broadmead's campus, Hall's history with Broadmead started with the encouragement of his mother, who also worked at Broadmead during his youth. "I 'unofficially' started working here as a kid," chuckled Hall. "When I visited my mom at work, some of the residents would pay me to clean their cars for them. Later on, I officially started here washing dishes as a sophomore in high school."

It wasn't long until Hall's dedication to the job was noticed, and he quickly moved up through the ranks from washing dishes, to prepping cold sides, to cooking hot entrées, to earning the role of Sous Chef. It was at that time that Hall reached a turning point. "I decided to take the next step in my career," said Hall. "With the support of Broadmead, I continued to work my regular job during the day, and attended culinary school at night." The hard work paid off, and soon after graduating from Baltimore International Culinary College, Hall became Broadmead's new Executive Chef, a position he held until his recent promotion to Director of Dining & Hospitality.

When asked what he loves about working at Broadmead, Hall credits the residents and staff. "The residents are really friendly here, and the staff – some of whom I've known for 30-plus years now – are incredibly supportive. It's a great environment."

When not busy with his career, Hall likes to spend time traveling and camping with his wife of 19 years – whom he also met while working at Broadmead – and his two teenaged children.

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