Eating for Health: Sources of Broadmead’s Fresh Produce

By Beth Wells

Although fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables can fulfill the dietary recommendations for adults of 1.5–2 cups per day of fruit, and 2–3 cups per day of vegetables, Dining Services provides as many fresh options as possible. Where do they come from?

Two purveyors provide Broadmead's fresh fruits and vegetables: family owned Keaney Produce, based in Landover, MD, and Richmond, VA, and Coastal Sunbelt Produce, located in Laurel, MD.

Executive Chef, Jerrell Fleming, submits his weekly order to the purveyors through an online ordering system with his preferences for local produce and/or US products whenever possible. The plentiful fresh berries, melons, tomatoes, and squash come from Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia during the local seasons. Mexico, Guatemala, and Argentina are also sources of our fresh produce when US sources are unavailable or priced too high. Sweet potatoes come from North Carolina and pineapples from Florida or California.

Online ordering has another benefit. Purveyors notify Dining Services quickly and electronically when there is a recall on any produce they have delivered. At least a week before public announcement of the recent Escherichia coli recall of romaine lettuce, for example, Broadmead's purveyors notified Jerrell that no romaine delivered to Broadmead was involved in the recall.

Residents are also encouraged to share their requests or comments in person or by email with Broadmead's Food Service team.

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