Diversity and Inclusion Update

By Gwen Marable

Broadmead residents continue to engage in activities to further diversity and inclusion on the campus.

The "One Minute of Silence" on Fridays at 1 p.m., inspired by the death of George Floyd, is regularly observed by many clusters, whose residents meet outside and on Zoom. Cluster M is called to gather by Bobbie Cook, hospitality chair.

Over the weeks there has been a committed core of participants, despite the weather, who eagerly share their thoughts on the query of the week. Bobbie reported, "We have been discovering unconscious biases that have followed us throughout our lives." She added, "It has been a wonderful way to get to know our neighbors better and to incorporate our new folk."

Jennifer MaraƱa, Broadmead's Director of Diversity and Inclusion, sends a Zoom invitation for a conversation as a group and in breakout rooms, as a way for residents across the campus to see and talk with one another.

Cluster K's GAP (Generating a New Paradigm) group is studying Ibrim X. Kendi's book, "How To Be an Antiracist". Maggie Babb, the group's leader, reports, "It's showing us our assumptions and where we maintain stereotypes of all kinds."

The Multicultural Committee also continues its work, sponsoring programs in September on the in-house Broadmead TV Channel 970 that honored the Jewish High Holy Days and presented a "back by popular demand" performance by a Mexican dance troupe. A virtual program to honor Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday is also being planned.

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