Broadmead Welcomes New Residents, Walter & Linda Crowther

By Kathleen Truelove

About Walter:

Walter Crowther's sister Jackie and his son David's mother-in-law, Lily Kouo, are Broadmead residents, which induced Linda and Walter to move to Broadmead. The Crowthers and Lily share a granddaughter, Olivia, who is 5 years old.

Walter was born in Middle River in 1942 and raised in Hamilton, in Baltimore City. He is a graduate of City College, and after attending Essex Community College, he joined the State Police. As a state trooper, he did safety education in Baltimore County. Through a contact in that role, he left the State Police and went to work at State Farm Insurance as an automobile claims representative. His law enforcement background was an advantage in that work.

Although Walter and his wife, Linda, lived in Hamilton when they were first married, Walter had always wanted to live in the country. So, in 1973, they moved to Harford County. On a property located between a sheep farm and a pig farm, they built a house, doing much of the work themselves.

Walter was also very active at Jarrettsville United Methodist Church and applied his building skills there, supervising the gutting and complete renovation of the church in the 1980s. In addition, he sang in the church choir and served on a state-level committee to interview people interested in the ministry. He is a Mason and was the youngest Master of his lodge at the time of its 100th anniversary.

Walter is a woodworker; one of his projects is a dictionary stand, which is now displayed in his garden home.

About Linda:

Linda Crowther met her husband, Walter, through a friend of her mother's who had introduced Linda's parents years before. It was a blind date that proved to be love at first sight for both of them. They married in 1965, when Linda was 19 and Walter, 22. Growing up on Shamrock Avenue near Herring Run Park, Linda graduated from Eastern High School, after which she worked for the National Security Agency and then a law firm.

When their daughter Meredith was born, Linda became a full-time homemaker and devoted her free time to her church, where she taught Sunday School and Vacation Bible School and was active in the Homemakers' Club.

Linda enjoys gardening and baking but especially sewing. Her seamstress grandmother taught her to sew when she was 11 years old. Linda has made draperies, bedspreads, coats, and other clothes. She has also made a quilt for each of her three granddaughters, ages 18, 16, and 5, all of whom live nearby.

When their son, David, and daughter went off to college, Linda and Walter decided to downsize. It turned out that the development where they wanted to build a new house had size requirements, so the Crowthers' new home was actually twice as large as the old one. This proved to be useful when the children kept coming home. In 2006, the Crowthers finally did downsize, moving to a condo in Mays Chapel. They found they didn't really like apartment living and are glad to be back in a garden "house."

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