Broadmead welcomes new residents, Ted & Virginia Rugemer

Written by Sue Baker

About Ted:

Two careers after his military experience enriched life for Ted Rugemer. Born in Baltimore, he grew up in Homeland and went to Roland Park Public School, Gilman, and Johns Hopkins University. His ROTC training led him to the Army, which took him to Fort Meade and to Vietnam.

Ted earned an MBA at Loyola College and a Master of Liberal Studies at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland, becoming a chartered financial analyst. His subsequent career in finance and investments included 15 years with the Bank of Baltimore. His later academic career focused on teaching finance, mainly at Towson University. After 21 years there, he retired in 2017.

Broadmead's unique campus appealed to him, offering a great place to walk as well as a front door and a back door. His interests include genealogy, reading, and several collections, of which his favorite is the model trains. His reading interests include Tolstoy, Jane Austen, and military history. The Rugemers enjoy off-the-grid camping in Montana with their son John, a psychological counselor, and his wife and two daughters, ages 11 and 9. Another son, Edward, teaches both history and African American studies at Yale. Edward and his wife have three sons, ages 14, 12, and 5.

About Virginia:

Virginia Rugemer was born and grew up in Mississippi. She and Ted met at a party at Johns Hopkins University and were married in 1969, shortly after Mississippi was struck by Hurricane Camille, a devastating storm. The disaster changed all plans, but the wedding took place, and they drove to Baltimore with an aunt in the back seat of a car that flaunted a "just married" sign.

Although she describes herself as a stay-at-home mom who raised two sons, Virginia was active at St. Mary's Govans Roman Catholic Church, in the meal program of Our Daily Bread, and in the parents' club in Govans. In her forties, she enrolled in the College of Notre Dame, specializing in religious studies. She then went on for a master's degree in pastoral ministry at St. Mary's in the Wood, in Terre Haute, IN.

Virginia is an oblate member (lay sister) of the Benedictine Sisters of Baltimore and also works with Asylee Women Enterprise, which provides programs and resources for women seeking asylum.

Her current activities include walking and lap swimming, and she is looking forward to the opening of the new pool. Virginia and Ted lived in Homeland for 50 years prior to their move to Broadmead.

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