Broadmead Welcomes New Residents, Joseph Nietubicz & Francine Schofield Nietubicz

A warm welcome to new Broadmead residents, Joseph Nietubicz and Francine Schofield Nietubicz!

Joe Nietubicz (pronounced Nee-2-bits) claims that he started working at the age of eight as an indentured servant in his father's Fells Point hotel/bar, where one of his jobs was to protect sailors from local con artists, card sharps and ladies of the night. The bar was later sold and the family business became a corner grocery store. The story of his working life continued to be colorful and varied and largely bypassed academics. Yes, he went to elementary school in Dundalk and to Loyola High, and no, he was not interested in college. Asked about "other education," he replied, "Life!"

After high school, Joe joined the Air Force, which trained him in computer science. Computers were just then coming into their own, and jobs requiring their use appeared everywhere. Joe worked for various companies where he sometimes had to educate management as to what computers could or couldn't do. When Joe's first marriage dissolved, his five children, between 2 and 7 years old, remained with him. After five years of being a single father, he met up with Francine Schofield, a computer expert herself, who "married Joe and the five children," as she puts it.

By now there are 11 grandchildren, most of whom live fairly close to their grandparents. The family lived in Baltimore, where Joe worked for the Social Security Administration for 20 years, and as a computer consultant for 10. Before coming to Broadmead the couple spent 19 years in Cape May Point, where they engaged in bird-watching, and Joe served as Borough Commissioner of Public Safety.

Francine Schofield Nietubicz was born in Brooklyn, NY, but grew up in Plandome, Long Island, as one of five children—four girls and one boy. It was a quiet suburb, and her father, a businessman, commuted to work in Manhattan. Largely educated in Catholic schools, Francine excelled in mathematics and was the first in her family to attend college: Immaculata College, now University, in Paoli, PA. She later obtained an MBA at Loyola University in Baltimore. After graduation she moved to Baltimore and worked in data processing programming for a variety of companies.

This ended when Francine helped start a company that processed health data from Maryland hospitals and reported on it for their customers. Employing some 20 or so programmers, the company did very well and was eventually bought out by a major company. It is in the context of computer work that Francine renewed acquaintance with Joe Nietubicz, with whom she had worked earlier.

Francine married Joe in 1977, becoming the matriarch of a large and expanding clan. At this point, there are two sons and three daughters, and 11 grandchildren. Still, Francine continued working with computers until 1994, as a systems analyst at Johns Hopkins Hospital and as an independent consultant. With Joe, she created a company that developed software for scheduling appointments.

In retirement, Francine and her husband have done a great deal of traveling, often inspired by the desire to see certain birds. Francine enjoys reading, knitting and mahjong.

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