Broadmead Welcomes New Resident, Eddie Loh

Written by Jackie Mintz

Following in his father's footsteps, Eddie Loh became a physicist. His father was a professor of physics, as was his elder brother. He began teaching at Towson State College in 1970, was promoted to professor of physics, and served as department chair. He retired in 2010 after a 40-year career.

Eddie said in a Towson interview, "When I started at TU, there wasn't a physics department. Enrollment was low, but we worked to build a department and undergraduate and graduate programs."

Born in Shanghai, Eddie moved with his family to Blacksburg, VA in 1948. Graduating with a B.S. in physics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, he came to Johns Hopkins University for his Ph.D. Eddie moved to Broadmead from nearby Phoenix, MD, where he lived for almost 25 years. Before that, he lived in Baltimore, in the Roland Park neighborhood.

A confirmed bachelor, Eddie was the third of four children. His youngest brother is in San Francisco. His sister, a psychiatrist, lives in Washington, DC, with her husband. Upon retirement, Eddie embarked on a decade of ambitious travel. He visited China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and many countries in Africa. He also traveled in numerous Latin American countries, Russia, various East European countries and the Balkans. He is an avid photographer.

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