Broadmead Volunteer Coordinator, Sara Moore, Steps Up To The Challenge

Needless to say, 2020 has been a difficult year. The global pandemic has brought with it unimaginable challenges. Through it all, Broadmead's Volunteer Coordinator, Sara Moore, along with numerous volunteers and staff members, have stepped up to those challenges.

Sara's job is a function of Broadmead's holistic approach of our Center of Excellence in Health and Wellness and entails the management of all external volunteers, internal volunteers, community groups, and volunteer programs within Broadmead's upper levels of care, Independent Living and all of Broadmead's departments. The residents of Broadmead have a long tradition of altruism and Sara's efforts have made this spirit stronger.

"My favorite part of the job is seeing the meaningful connections residents and volunteers make with one another," says Sara, whose role has shifted quite a bit logistically since the rise of the pandemic. "Now, I am onsite helping screen staff who enter the building 2-3 days a week. The days I work from home [include] working on the logistics of how volunteers can help remotely, since our entire volunteer program has become remote."

Knowing the importance of the contributions volunteers provide to the Broadmead community, Sara and her team of volunteers have worked diligently to continue to offer multiple programs and activities over the past months, including:

  • The regular delivery of cards and letters to residents from local schools, Girl Scouts, and other organization
  • Twice weekly Zentangle classes available to residents via Zoom
  • Volunteer phone and video calls to residents in our upper levels of care for added social connection
  • The continuation of a partnership with a local elementary school, shifting from in-person art project activities to an updated remote program in which students are paired with participating Independent Living residents for weekly email communications
  • Special videos and slideshows created by Pet Therapy partners to share with the residents
  • A volunteer creating a series of education travel videos specifically for the Broadmead community
  • Resident prayer calls
  • Volunteers making cloth face masks for Broadmead staff
  • Providing a remote internship for a college student from Texas Tech

One of Sara's favorite endeavors involves a local woman who has become pen pals with a Broadmead resident. "The resident took an interest in the fact that the woman has three pet cows, so the volunteer made a 10 minute video introducing her cows for residents to see," explained Sara.

Overall, the volunteer activities have been receiving a very positive response from the Broadmead community. "These are shared successes," says Sara. "The Lifestyle Team (Stacey Young, Director; Laurie Snyder, Sara Stenger, and Michele Bucey), Betty Shaughnessy (Bruck Fund Manager), and the Center of Excellence in Health and Wellness team (Andy Switzer, Director and Rebecca Smith, Wellness Coordinator) have been instrumental in their help."

Moreover, the Broadmead community's response has been tremendous. "I actually had to take a post down from Volunteer Match after it was up for about 30 hours because so many individuals reached out to me to see how they could help!"

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