Broadmead resident, Joe Nietubicz, is an unsung hero

By Marilyn Rothstein

"Shortly after moving here, I decided to volunteer full time, in self-defense, to keep my sanity," Joe Nietubicz quipped in response to a question about why he gives his time so freely. He reads history and enjoys learning the details behind things we take for granted, like "Why did the BRA buy a piano?"

Joe serves Broadmead in many capacities. When asked about his work in the BRA Office, he responded, "I make sure the office doesn't fly away." Assisting people with the copy machine, helping them to make phone calls, and answering their general questions are part of his routine.

Joe has assisted many residents with computer problems. His 60 years of experience in the computer field has given him the tools to help residents with everything from "Why doesn't my mouse work?" to rebuilding crashed computers.

Joe is also digitizing the BRA archives by scanning and cataloging 40 years of BRA documents, including all of the residents' biosketches that were published in the Voice.

It can be a tedious process, but this history buff finds many things of interest to keep him going. "You can really see the personalities of the people who have lived here come alive when you read this stuff," he says.

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