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All gifts, large and small, are welcome and very much appreciated. Your gifts help Broadmead further our mission to support a dynamic community of residents and provide exceptional health services. All gifts make a difference and assist us in providing exceptional senior living services for our current and future residents. We strive to create opportunities for giving from the heart - matching a donor’s desire with a campus or resident need.

Broadmead is a Life Plan Community conceived, founded and operated in the spirit of the Religious Society of Friends through which all individuals are treated with dignity and appreciation for individual differences.
Broadmead is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

For More Information Contact:

Jennifer Goforth
Vice President of Advancement and Communication
Phone : 443-578-8044
Fax : 443-578-8194

Broadmead Funds

Special Purpose Funds

Special Purpose Funds are created to meet specific needs of the corporation or its residents. Funds of this nature can be created by the corporation or the donor.

THE BRUCK FUND FOR SPECIAL NEEDS was established by a caring resident to enhance and improve the lives of residents on the healthcare floor of Broadmead, whether their stay be permanent or temporary. The income from the fund is to be used to provide for needs of healthcare residents beyond those covered by Broadmead. This fund will be used at the discretion of the Bruck Council (Medical Director, Director of Social Work, Director of Nursing and Chair of Resident Health Care Committee).

THE HOLLY HOUSE FUND was established in 1995 to support the maintenance and enhancement of this historic site which has become such an important part of community life at Broadmead. It is hoped that this fund may in time be able to meet fully the upkeep needs of the house. The use of this fund is at the direction of the Board of Trustees.

THE STAFF ASSISTANCE FUND ENDOWMENT (SAFE) meets staff emergency needs for food, shelter, transportation, funeral expenses, uncovered medical costs, utility bills and help in times of unforeseen disaster.

THE JOHN A. BOYNTON SCHOLARSHIP FUND provides scholarships for Broadmead employees.

THE COMPTON FUND FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION provides support for training, growth and professional development opportunities for Broadmead staff in order to enhance direct service to Broadmead residents.

THE WALKING TRAILS FUND was established in 2009 for the development and maintenance of the walking trails used by Broadmead residents.

THE ANN MICHENER DIVERSITY FUND provides funds to support and increase diversity and inclusion for those we employ or serve on or off campus.

GUYTON FUND FOR PLANTS and TREES provides for the purchase of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and aquatic plants to enhance the beauty and appeal of the Broadmead campus.

Resident Assistance Funds

Contributions to these funds help meet the needs of applicants and residents of the Broadmead Community who are unable to manage financially on their own. We presently have five funds in this category.

THE BROADMEAD RESIDENTS’ ASSISTANCE FUND (BRAF) assists residents who, for reasons beyond their control, may be unable to meet the financial requirements of the community.

THE TAYLOR FUND: The assets from the former Taylor Home, the Friends predecessor of Broadmead, established this fund. Today the fund is used to assist applicants to Broadmead who may need help in meeting the entry requirement as well as for the financial assistance of residents.

THE HALLOWELL FUND, assists members of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends who are not members of the Stony Run Meeting or Homewood Meeting with affording Broadmead.

THE HOMEWOOD FRIENDS MEETING FUND, assists members of Homewood Friends Meeting in reaching Broadmead’s entrance or monthly fee requirements.

THE PRIVATE DUTY NURSING FUND, pays the cost of special nursing care which is beyond the means of a resident.

Broadmead Fund

Contributions to this fund are given to meet the broad needs of the Broadmead community. This fund may be used for any purpose on the Broadmead campus at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

For More Information Contact:

Jennifer Goforth
Advancement Department
Phone : 443-578-8044
Fax : 443-578-8194”> 

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